CNR 2013: Exhibition: Phuc Van Dang (DNK)

Phucisme is modern Scandinavian design and art with a graphic edge.
Our greatest influences is small beautiful moments in our everyday life.
The best pieces is about collaboration and people.
We are and have always been fascinated with the beauty of our nature and the creativity in people.
It is in everyone of us. Great design incorporates our creativity together with functionality into a simple uncluttered form.

Phuc Van Dang grew up in Denmark, but is originally from Vietnam.
These two different cultures has influenced his perception of what the core in good design is.
The two so different cultures are obvious in his designs, where he mixes Scandinavian simplicity with Asian inspired graphics.

Phuc Van Dang has a background as Graphic Designer but also works with Concept Art and Product Development.
His knowledge of commercial design and functionality gives him an edge on quality and innovation that appeals to the demanding design and art consumer of today.

Interested in all aspects of design and art he explores various different subjects and new ways of expressing his ideas which he stranslates into his work.

"It is a pleasure to be able to contribute art for Cafe Neu Romance: First International Robot Performance Festival. I have made three illustrations that are an interpretation of RUR - Rossum's Universal Robots by Karel Capek. The 3 illustrations I've made focusing on with geometric form and expression. I have chosen to work in black to give simplicity and contrasting. Their expression works mechanically but I try to give them a style so you have a relationship with them."

My attitude about robots:
"I am not worried about the robots and their role in society. With out robots, we can not able to perform many dangerous tasks in outer space or bottom of the sea where humans could not handle the extreme environments.

It is important that people need robots and not that robots need people!"

Phucisme (Facebook)
Phuc Van Dang (Facebook)

[image source: Phuc Van Dang]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2013:
Films & AV


Phuc Van Dang

Phuc Van Dang has a background as Graphic Designer but also works with Concept Art and Product Development.

The RUR-series
The first part of the RUR-series by Phuc Van Dang will be shown during the Cafe Neu Romance festival (27-30 November 2013) at Galerie NTK.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.