CNR 2014: Exhibition: Andras Nagy (HUN): Golem Project

Andras Nagy is a Hungarian Graphic Designer with 20+ years experiences, mainly working in the field of applied (especially advertising) graphics designing corporate/brand ID, logo, brochure, .etc. He is practicing concept art, freehand graphic, photography, and other visual fields which characterize his arts. His motto is the famous quote of Leonardo da Vinci: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Following in his father's footsteps in architectural design, together with his artistic talented hand and his unique drawing skill, he made his spectacular blueprints with special attention and dedication to graphic art. He also studied computer graphics and since then he is following every day its' inexhaustible innovations, he frequently applies them in his art work. He continuously and tirelessly improves his freehand-draw technic and knowledge. Besides of following those new trends in applied graphics he always considers the traditional technics and approaches in his work.

Golem Project: The Golem project resulted a prize winning product, made for a contest of an IT company. The original idea defined a simply, and easily recognizable logo, which was to be shown both in online and offline media, should appear in small and big size and in several different forms as well. The concept was to use the clay as material and color for the Golem. It had to reflect the IT as technical field in it, so the design used clean lines and surfaces. The letter 'G' of the word 'Golem' was made at first, showing a simple and easily identifiable shape. As this was just not enough unique, authentic and artistic, the pieces of the letter was rearranged forming a robot-look-like Golem mascot. And finally now it is capable to show and express several emotions and movements as well!


[image source: Andras Nagy]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2014:


Andres Nagy

Andras Nagy is a Hungarian Graphic Designer with 20+ years experiences.

GOLEM by Andras Nagy is displayed during Cafe Neu Romance (26-29 November 2014) at Galerie NTK.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.