CNR 2014: Movies: BTTP FILMS (GBR): FIRA Robotics

Back To The Planet (BTTP Films) is a video production company with a sound ethical policy and many years of expert experience producing broadcast quality video, headed by ex-BBC man, Alan Pleass.

FIRA Robotics
In 2012 Bristol hosted the FIRA RoboWorld Cup, with more than 200 robotics engineers from around the globe gathering at the At-Bristol science centre. We filmed an incredible mix of robotic challenges, which included football, weightlifting and even marathon running. International robotics experts gather every year at the FIRA RoboWorld Cup to challenge each other in Olympic style events.

According to Aaron Philips from Plymouth University: "FIRA has a goal that by 2050 we should play the world cup winners at a game of football and we should beat them. It's 2012 now so only 38 years to go!"

BTTP Films

[image source: Back To The Planet]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2014:


CNR 2014: Movies: BTTP FILMS (GRB): FIRA Robotics 2

In 2012 Bristol hosted the FIRA RoboWorld Cup.

FIRA Robotics
The short movie FIRA Robotics produced by BTTP Films (GRB) will be screened at Cafe Neu Romance festival on the 28 November 2014 at IIM.

IIM (Institute of Intermedia)
Hall H25 at FEL CVUT
Technická 2
160 00 Prague.

Note for the visitors of IIM: Go first to the info-desk at Galerie NTK, Technická 6, to get an entrance badge.