CNR 2015: Lectures: Gold Extra (AUT): Frankenstein

The Austrian artistic group gold extra produces artworks in and in between Fine Arts, Performance, Music, Hybrid Media. They are engaged in constant research in innovative art form to create the matching formal environment for their ideas. gold extra members have created a great number of projects that transcend the boundaries between Fine Arts and performance, which have been presented at festivals such as the Ars Electronica Nightline (A), the european media art festival, CyNetArt Dresden (both D), Doppelgängerfestival (cultural capital Linz09) among others as well as international performance and film festival.

gold extra has been continuously supported with special fundings for innovative projects in Salzburg and Linz and by the state of Austria. gold extra received theOutstanding Artist Award for interdisciplinary artworks of the Austrian Ministry of Education and Art (BMUKK) 2012, the Price for Media Art of the Region of Salzburg (Salzburger Landespreis für Medienkunst) 2012, the Author / Producer Award ("Autoren- und Produzentenpreis") from the Junges Theater Bremen and the stage design award Offenbacher Löwe (set designer: Susanne Hiller) for the set of their robot play "Black Box".

Members of gold extra have received special grants and scholarships from the Federal Government of Austria for their work in Fine Arts, performance and literature (Reinhold Bidner, Georg Hobmeier, Sonja Prlic and Karl Zechenter).
The Computer game "Frontiers" is among the six best serious games (according to Intro magazine) and was rewarded Mod of the month by GEE-magazine.

gold extra are:
Reinhold Bidner, Tobias Hammerle, Georg Hobmeier, Doris Prlic, Sonja Prlic, Karl Zechenter

Frankenstein - A Robot Musical
In a world without people robots will remain on earth. They will have operated, analysed and taken temperature and now wheel through empty hospital corridors. It was a beautiful connection: humans break, robots sew them back together. But what, if now people are left for being repaired, perhaps robots should build some themselves? Gold extra will analyze this question with the robotic theatre play "Frankenstein.

Frankenstein had a showcase in December 2013 at Künstlerhaus and in in March 2014 at Basics Festival, ARGEkultur.

[image source: Mike Grosinger]
[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Cafe Neu Romance 2015:


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The Austrian artistic group gold extra produces artworks in and in between Fine Arts, Performance, Music, Hybrid Media.

gold extra will present their lecture "Frankenstein" at Cafe Neu Romance on the 26 November 2015 at IIM.

Galerie NTK
Technická 6
16080 Prague.